Environmentally Innovative Artificial Turf

Brisbane based Ecovia Turf offers supply and install of a range of fully circular, eco-friendly synthetic turf with a strong focus on quality and sustainability

What sets us apart from other artificial turf companies is our pioneering commitment to sustainability. We are the first artificial turf company in Australia to offer 100% recyclable products crafted from premium recycled materials.

Ecovia Turf was established with the aim of fostering personal growth and a sense of responsibility, both in terms of promoting sustainability within the industry, reducing our impact on landfills, and aligning seamlessly with my deeply-held values.

The First Circular Artificial Grass

We are proud to be Australia’s first and only circular synthetic turf supply and installation business. Our products are made from the highest quality single raw material, which means that they can be recycled back 100% to their original state.

Ecovia Turf’s grass systems are exclusively manufactured in Europe following strict regulations and come with a 12-year warranty – so you’re sure that you’re getting more out of your investment.

Ethical and Environmentally Friendly

Artificial turfs offer the best alternative to high-maintenance natural lawns, especially for landscaping, sporting, and other recreational and commercial projects. They are designed to look and feel like natural grass but are durable enough to withstand hours of activity and harsh weather conditions.

All over the world artificial grass systems are made from a range of different raw materials which include fibers, backing, and coating. The result? High production energy impact and difficulties in recycling in a non-regulated market.

Due to its composition, when synthetic grass reaches its end of life in 5 – 15 years, the end product is difficult to recycle. Traditional turf systems are a combination of different plastics and the separation process is challenging and tedious. As a result, more artificial turf waste ends up in the environment, either in the form of greenhouse gasses or microplastic

Our artificial turf systems are made from the same polymer, which means no raw material will be sent to landfills. Using a single polymer also means significant reduction in energy required to produce our turfs, thus reducing the use of fossil fuels.

We commit to a Circular Economy

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As veterans in the synthetic turf industry, we don’t just pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the exceptional service we provide to our clients. We’re also passionate about driving positive change in the industry.

A number of artificial grass suppliers claim to have products that are beneficial for the environment. Unfortunately, most of these involve using food sources like sugar cane in production.

We are dedicated to reducing the negative environmental impacts of the global turf industry by offering fully tested circular products that are sustainable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

By closing the loop in the manufacturing process, we are helping address the current waste management systems and limited sustainable solutions within the industry.


Collect and Sort waste

Design for circular economy

Less natural resource use

Manufacture for circular economy

Minimise waste to landfill

Maximise Recycling

Use Less to minimise waste

Why choose us?

100% Recyclable

Our products are 100% recyclable to their original, high-quality raw material at the end of their life span, contributing to a circular economy.

Reduce carbon emissions

Due to the composition, our products are manufactured with significantly less emissions compared to regular artificial grass products available

Low maintenance and non-toxic

No need to use pesticides, weed killers and herbicides. All of which can be harmful for humans and animals and find their way into our water sources.

Tested and proven

Our synthetic grass systems are manufactured in Europe and have undergone rigorous testing to prove its reliability, durability and sustainability.

Child and pet friendly

Our artificial grass is manufactured with no heavy metals, so it’s safe to use for children and pets.

Synthetic turf significantly lowers your carbon footprint as it doesn’t need to be trimmed and maintained.

Australian owned & operated

Established in 2023, Ecovia Turf is a Brisbane-based supply and installation business dedicated to making an environmental impact both locally and globally.

Over 12 years of experience in delivering premium high-quality synthetic turf projects.

Delivering cutting-edge products that meet client needs, we offer a complete installation service, complemented with excellent customer service and a commitment to caring for our environment.


Our clients remain proud knowing they are supporting a local business dedicated to protecting the environment without falling short of the quality and functionality they need. 

Exceptional to say the least, Stephen and the team were very professional from the outset. I had a very bespoke project to complete which threw up many curve balls. The team dealt with change in an excellent manner from a timing, quality and a financial perspective.

Wellington Point

I would highly recommend Stephen to anyone thinking about getting landscaping work done at their property. Stephen did a fantastic job in the backyard and managed to turn our boring, uninviting backyard into a child-friendly oasis.


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