Brisbane based Ecovia Turf offers supply and install of a range of fully circular, eco-friendly synthetic turf with a strong focus on quality and sustainability

What is a “circular economy” and what does “close the loop” mean?

Circular economy is a production and consumption model that involves reusing, remanufacturing and recycling existing materials to extend their useful life and eliminate waste being added to the environment.

It’s a system of “closed loops,” wherein raw materials, components and products are turned into a valuable resource in creating something new instead of being thrown away.

This style of economy is becoming increasingly popular towards preserving the environment for future generations and is an important aspect of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). https://sdgs.un.org/goals

Do you supply the turf for DIY or provide installations?

Yes, our main business is the supply of our exclusive products to make a significant impact.

Our products are well positioned to be used for public parks and playgrounds, government and council facilities, professional institutions, schools & childcare centres, building rooftops, universities, bars and entertainment centres, eco businesses, architects, property developers, the list goes on.

Are the products tried and tested?

The products have been used throughout Europe and the USA for many years by major artificial turf suppliers. All products are also fully tested by two separate testing laboratories, proving the products are made up of one just one single polymer, Polyethylene (PE). The products go through strict testing and are manufactured by the world’s largest synthetic grass yarn producer, so rest assured, the research for these products is the best in the world.

How long is the warranty?

The 12-year warranty protects the product fading in the sun and covers the product for its “intended use”. The life expectancy of our products for high foot traffic and commercial sites is 10-15 years and over 15-20 years for residential use.

Do the products require a sand infill?

Yes, sand infill is required for all of our products. The infill protects the joins and the backing of the product, provides stability of fibre, helps with longevity of the artificial turf and prevents any folds or wrinkles from occurring over time. The sand also makes the products look even more realistic!

How is the product manufactured?

The production process of our artificial grass is barely different from that of other manufacturers. It’s all in the final phase of the process. In that phase, the grass piles are secured to the mat. Contrary to other manufacturers, we achieve this so-called ‘tuft lock’ without the need for a latex, PU or PP dispersion coating. This way, we skip a step that produces immense CO2 emissions, since we don’t need giant ovens to dry this coating. Only a few facilities worldwide have the manufacturing ability to produce these exceptionally high quality, unique and durable products, and this is not available in Australia nor China due to the advancement in manufacturing required, and is likely to be this way for many years.

Can the product waste be recycled?

Yes, we are continually building relationships with recyclers who have the ability to recycle the artificial turf off cuts into the original high quality raw material, therefore “closing the loop” of the circulatory system.

What base is required for synthetic turf to be installed over?

Artificial turf is very versatile and is traditionally installed over compacted crusher dust, the regular process is to remove the existing vegetation/stones/mulch and replace with a 50mm compacted crusher dust base. The turf can also be installed over concrete, tiles, pavers, asphalt, metal/stone/plastic surfaces, decking and CFC sheeting.

Is artificial turf safe for children and pets?

Our synthetic grass is suitable for all users due to the products being made from the highest quality, clean raw materials and no heavy metals involved in the process. Our high quality installation procedure also reduces the chances of the turf being damaged from high foot traffic (schools, childcare centres, commercial offices etc) and pets.

Does synthetic turf get hot?

Yes, all surfaces can get hot under direct sunlight, especially stone and wood. Our products do not get as hot as decking or concrete. Heat dissipates quickly from the turf’s surface after receiving some shade, water or cloud coverage.

Does synthetic turf require maintenance?

Very little. You can use a hand rake/leaf blower/stiff bristle broom for removal of leaves, an outdoor vacuum for smaller debris or clean the product using a high powered hose. Dog faeces can simply be scooped up and any other mess hosed through, it will not stain the fibres. If regular use by a pet I highly recommend quarterly cleaning by use of a professional odour eliminating product.

Our clients remain proud knowing they are supporting a local business dedicated to protecting the environment without falling short of the quality and functionality they need. 

Steve brings a lot of energy to a job, with a detailed plan and pricing clearly communicated. Everything ran smoothly and on time, it was a top job. Thank you!


I would highly recommend Stephen to anyone thinking about getting landscaping work done at their property. Stephen did a fantastic job in the backyard and managed to turn our boring, uninviting backyard into a child-friendly oasis.


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